Mylo Gourmet

MYLO GourmetIn 1969, the Kotchek Family made its mark in the foodservice industry by opening a waterfront restaurant and catering operation on the South Shore of Long Island named, The Porthole.

For the next 40 years they would lay the framework for the way they would conduct their business in the food service industry. By implementing a philosophy of an unparralled level of service and superb cuisine, they built deep relationships with their loyal clientele.

In 2008, the Kotchek's leveraged all that invaluable experience and knowledge by launching the innovative and dynamic entity, MYLO Gourmet.

By practicing the same genuine principles that built their restaurant's stellar reputation and success, they have now established themselves as an exclusive retail and wholesale purveyor of some of the finest, specialty foods from around the world.

The Modern MYLO Theory – "Eating Healthy is living Wealthy"

What we believe is not a profound thesis; it is just a reminder of how to eat right & live well!

MYLO Philosophy:

The most valuable asset we have in this world is our bodies. How we fuel it will affect the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act and perform day in and day out. It is essential that we nourish it properly from the inside out; so we grow it, protect it, and preserve it.

We define wealth as having your health, because unless you have it, you can't live the lifestyle you so choose to. Whether it's running a Fortune 500 company, traveling the world, skiing moguls, or simply spending quality time with your family & friends.

MYLO Mission:


To emphasize the benefits and value of eating healthy every day of our lives.

Our goal is to be a world renown, exclusive resource, of affordable, healthy gourmet mealsfor foodies w/Rules!

We will accomplish this by providing; quality driven, all-natural, superb cuisine that is nutritious and delicious!