About us

Our company is primarily specialized in developing web sites and web-based applications. Following current trends of flexibility and ease of use, we often build our websites based on high-end content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. We both utilize solutions that are tested and approved by a large community, and implement custom functionality tailored perfectly to the client’s business. Probably our greatest advantage is the variety of market segments we can cover: from personal introductory sites to multiple-thousand-visitors-per-day portals; whether the goal is to give information or to get customers using a webshop, we can come up with a feasible solution.

Unlike our competitors, we can offer full support of a web solution’s lifetime, from setting up the server environment to tweaking performance.

The colorfulness of businesses and people we’ve met helped us build up a solid basis of work experience, which means there’s practically no platform or compexity of problem we haven’t dealt with.